14 december 2009

Merry Christmas 2009 Free gift

Christmas gift ;o))))))))))
Free materials for Poser 6-8

13 december 2009

5 cute tubes

Download here:

5 cute tubes
The 2 green dolls are simular but with and without wings

Download here:
4 cute tubes

Download here:

15 november 2009

6 new tubes ready for download here:

16 juli 2009

PSP 9 Script to soften png tubes
Do you ever need to soften and darken the edges of a png tube? The zip contains 2 scripts, they go into Restricted folder
and runs on Rasterlayer
Download here:
4 new Tubes Download here:
2 new fairy tubes
Download here:

01 juli 2009

24 juni 2009

3 cute tubes shown at 22 %
Download here:
enjoy ;o)))))))))))))))))

29 maj 2009

" new tubes ready for download here:
Enjoy ;o))))))))))))

23 maj 2009

4 new tubes download here:
Enjoy ;o)))))))))))

05 maj 2009

2 new tubes available for download here:
Enjoy ;o)))))))))))))

04 maj 2009

4 new tubes have been uploaded
Click on the picture to download the zip.

Enjoy ;o)))))))

01 marts 2009

Layered template 2400 x 2400 pixel
non-commercial use, please
Download here:

27 februar 2009

Det Danske Flag
Begge tuber er zippet og kan hentes her:

19 februar 2009

This Poser-lady was originally shared in my own tubegroup last summer
as part of a sexy ladies zip
upon request here she is, she can be downloaded here:

13 februar 2009

Tube shovn at 27 % (background is actual size)
download here:

24 januar 2009

2 new toon tubes in my Tubes folder
I have been playing around
trying to learn and practice some scripting skills
I ended up creating this flower:
The script is made in psp 9
Testet and runs in psp 9, psp X and psp X2
Does not work in psp 8, sorry :o(
The script goes into Restricted folder, requires Muras Meister Copies
and can be downloaded here:
Enjoy ;o)))))))))))))

04 januar 2009

These 3 new tubes can be downloaded here:
Enjoy ;o)))))))))))